About us

Moseley/Horizon draws on the extensive and diverse international development and competitive procurement experience of its founders and other seasoned multi-national and multi-disciplinary professionals to provide a broad range of strategic and culturally sensitive advice and in-depth support of international infrastructure and energy programs and projects.

Advice and services provided include project and other opportunity identification, feasibility studies, financial packaging and services, project and investment team formation, power purchase and sale agreement preparation and negotiation, due diligence reviews, project and assets management, operational audits and trouble shooting, expert witnesses, training, FAR-based request for proposal preparation , and contract proposal strategy advice, team formation, key and senior personnel recruitment, and proposal design, drafting, and packaging. The actual needs with regard to phony replicate products tend to be growing daily. The actual replicate replica rolex sale production businesses tend to be capitalizing from the price of unique businesses. These types of phony production businesses tend to be priced at the actual rolex replica sale associated with bucks each year.

In providing advice and services, Moseley/Horizon benefits from working-level and senior-level contacts in and extensive experience working with most major international development players and its understanding of their individual roles, policies, and objectives, and working relationships.  Moseley/Horizon and its Associates have served in and/or worked closely with:

· Department of State
· US Army Corps of Engineers
· African Development Bank                                                                                
· Asian Development Bank
· European Bank for Reconstruction and Development                                            
· Inter-American Development Bank
· World Bank Group
· Islamic Development Bank                                                                                · UN Office of Project Services (UNOPS)
· International Organization for Migration (IOM)
· International Energy Agency                                                                             · National and International Non-profits and NGOs
· Governments and Energy Ministries and related entities in countries including Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Philippines, Sudan, Serbia, Angola, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Ecuador.

For additional details, please contact us today at info@moseleyhorizon.com or call +1.703.989.3470.